Company History: The Evolution Of The Network


The Music Business Network was initially created while its Founder/Executive Director (Kathryn N. Sano) was pursuing her M.A. in Music Business at New York University’s prestigious Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, & Human Development.The Network was established, in December of 2008, as a response to numerous NYU music & entertainment industry students’ requests for more music business networking opportunities. After its formation, The Network opened up its doors to driven artists/musicians, entertainment industry professionals, companies, and all students of the music and entertainment industries.

Since its inaugural event, 20+ networking events have been hosted throughout Manhattan and New York State’s Capital District. Since 2008 we have acquired over 4,000 members (and counting) located throughout the United States and 52+ other countries.

Originally developed to assist NYU students, The Music Business Network recognized the need to provide coordinated assistance to all parties involved in the music industry (to further their career goals). Upon this realization, The Network continued to host networking events and began building a music and entertainment industry community consisting of intelligent, like-minded individuals.

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